Marcelline David is perhaps your ancestor…

Marcelline David was Pierre Lagacé’s wife.

She was also Adolphe Lagasse’s mother.

She also had these children:



Marie-Anne Émilie








Click on the image for a larger view

She is certainly the ancestor of many Lagasses living in the U.S.

One of them is Alyce LaGasse.

I know that Ambroise Lagasse also went to the States and lived there.

I will post an article on him one day.

While searching for Lagasses, I found this…

This is Marcelline David’s death certificate on the Mormons’ site.

Click on the image it will appear in another window

It says Davies… but it is David.You can trust me on that.

She died of a heart disease.

Her son Adolph Lagasse was the undertaker.

Her father was Hubert David and her mother was Josephte Séguin.

Hubert David married Josephte Séguin in 1815. That’s quite a way back.

Tomorrow… Why is this crazy canuck doing all this…?

7 thoughts on “Marcelline David is perhaps your ancestor…

  1. Perhaps you can help? Trying to trace my paternal grandfather’s parents and grandparents. He was Aurelius Joseph Lagasse, born 1896 or so in Canada. Anything about the children of: Adolphe, Henri, Joseph, Idola, Damase, or Ambroise? Merci beaucoup!

  2. Hi my name Valerie David. Maiden name Hugron. I believe that the Dufault and Kinogennini are my relatives. My family tree is listed under Hugron in Ancestry. It appears that I am a direct descendant from two branches on the paternal and maternal side. I am really new to this and just keep adding to my family tree

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