Sharing… That’s What It’s all About

If I found the missing link it’s because someone sent me an e-mail.

He had this document…

The name was right so was the birthdate and the date of my grandfather’s death.

I also had his obituary card in my files.


My grandfather was not someone who talked a lot, but I manage to find his first mariage in 1912 because I had his mother’s name on his death certificate:  H. Alexandre.

mariage leo et maria 1912

1912 marriage 2

She was Henriette Alexandre, daughter of David Alexandre and Marguerite Marchand.

But I could not find his second marriage, and you know why because Antonio Landry told us Léo disappeared in the 1920s after his father Omer chased him out of the house. They lost track of him…

Almost 90 years later a descendant shows up in Acton Vale.

To be continued…