My Second Trip to Acton Vale

I went back to Acton Vale.

There I went to see the house where Maria Landry lived.

Gérard, Antonio and Bernard Landry

The house now belongs to Bernard. He is the son of Wilbrod Landry, Gérard’s uncle and Antonio’s brother.

My wife, my daughter and I visited the farm.

Quite impressive…

Then I went to the cemetery…

Maria is buried there with her sister Renelda.

Even though my grandfather left here in the 1920s, his name is on the headstone.

No one knew what had happen to my grandfather after Antonio’s father chased him away until I came along…

After lunch, Antonio wanted to me to meet someone.

It was Dorilla Landry, Maria’s youngest sister, born in 1913. I told her I was Léo Lagacé’s grandson.

Then her eyes lit up and she said…

“Ah Léo Lagacé… He was a nice man. He was fun person to be with… He sang and danced and told jokes.

Dorilla died in October 2009.

Gérard sent me this.

The end

2 thoughts on “My Second Trip to Acton Vale

    • Of course I know that, but I can control this addiction. That’s my only addiction.


      The love I have for my two grandchildren and the two that are expected, one in June and the other one in late August (a little girl).

      Now that’s what I call a real addiction.

      People are missing the whole point in life… a four-letter word.

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