Gérard Landry

In genealogy, all is about sharing.

When I went to see Antonio Lamdry, I also met this man… who wanted to meet me also.

Gérard Landry

Gérard had some photos of his ancestors and he wanted to share them  with me.

Only a few though.

He told me Louis Landry had a lot of pictures of his family. These pictures were in the possession of one of Gérard’s aunt when Louis Landry died. She gave them away to someone who liked old pictures and he did not want to give them back to the family…

Here are some of Gérard’s pictures. He made some photocopies just for me.

Louis-Jacques Landry and Alexina Grenier

The man is Louis Landry with his second wife Alexina Grenier. Alexina is the sister of Oliva Grenier, Louis’ first wife…

It happened a lot in those days where the widower would marry his first wife’s sister.

Louis or Louis-Jacques Landry had four children with Oliva: Maria, Omer, Louisa and Rénalda. He had seven children with Alexina: Lauria, Lauza,  Lauziana, Philippe, Philiza, George and Dorilla.

All the children appear in this picture…

The youngest daughter was Dorilla born in 1923.

Gérard invited me again to Acton Vale because he wanted to show me the cemetery where Maria was buried. He also wanted to meet someone…

I will talk about it next time.

Before leaving here is one picture that Gérard gave me.

Georges Landry and Appoline Poissant, Louis-Jacques’ parents

Georges and Appoline were married in 1853. They are Maria Landry’s grandparents.

One thought on “Gérard Landry

  1. I am the grand son of Napoléon Landry and his wife Lauza Landry daughter of Louis and Alexina.
    As you can see my grandmother was married with her cousin, but I don t have much information about my grandfather Napoleon and his father. Could you help me?

    By the way i was born in Acton Vale the son of Léo Landry and Mélanie Gazaille and Gérard is my cousin


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