Antonio Landry

Antonio Landry wanted to see me and I wanted to see him.

I phoned him around 10:45 and after a two-hour drive I arrived in Acton Vale.

Omer Landry, Antonio’s father, was Maria Landry’s brother.

Omer is in the medaillon on the bottom left. Above him is his father Louis Landry. Maria Landry is the woman on the extreme left.

She was my grandfather’s first wife. Léo Lagacé and Maria Landry were married in 1912.

mariage leo et maria 1912

1912 marriage 2

What Antonio told me was that my grandfather was quite someone: a singer, a dancer, a comedian. He was a real party guy.

Antonio never saw my grandfather, but he had heard a lot about him. He told me everybody liked him… and then my grandfather disappeard in an around 1920-1925. His father Omer Landry threw him out of the house because of the way he was behaving… drinking and gambling.

He and Maria were living at the hotel in St-Hyacinthe. They had a textile manufacture, but Leo lost everything to gambling. Maria’s father who had lend him money lost his farm.

They never saw him after Omer chased him away.

Almost 90 years later, Léo Lagacé’s grandson met Maria Landry’s nephew.

But I also met someone else…