I know a lot for someone who did not know a lot about his ancestors…

Two years ago I knew very little about my ancestors.

I wanted to know the reasons that led my father to cut all ties with his immediate family and also with his children.

While I won’t go into that subject, I can say that I now understand why my father acted the way he did.

His father Leo Lagacé Senior married Marie Landry in 1912. I thought she had died and that he had remarried Juliette Métayer in on around 1926 since my father was born in August 1927.

I tried desperately to find this marriage in several data banks but to no avail…

Guess what?

They never married… And this was in 1927!

How did I came across this information?

I met the nephew of Maria Landry this spring.

How did I contact him?

Since I entered Maria Landry’s file and all her ancestors on my Heritage genealogy site, I got a Smart Match. Someone had the file of one of Maria’s family members. I wrote this person and she gave me a phone number to call.

I picked up the phone and talked to a 84 years old man.

This man wanted to see me so he could tell me what he knew of my grandfather Leo Senior though he had never met him in person.

Next time, you will meet Antonio Landry, Maria Landry’s nephew.

Just to tease you, here is a picture of Antonio Landry.

Antonio Landry

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