Is your name Lagacé, Lagasse, Lagace, Lagassi or Legacy…?

Is your name Lagacé, Lagasse, Lagace, Lagassi or Legacy…? Would your great-grandfather be Antoine or Anthony Lagacé or Tony Lagasse, Lagace, Lagassi or Legacy…?

Then this might be your lucky day.

Do you live in New England or know someone who lived in Bristol, Connecticut in 1900?

Then you might have ancestors who knew my great-grandfather or you might be a descendant of André Mignier dit L’Agacé, a French soldier who came to New France to defend the colony against the Iroquois…

My great-grandfather’s name is Stanislas Lagacé, but when he moved to Bristol Town, in Hartford county, Connecticut with his family, he changed his name to Dennis Lagassee. His wife Henriette Alexandre became Harriett and his two sons became Adlore and Leo.

This is an image of the 1900 U.S. census.

I came upon this image while I was searching for Eugène Dubé, Lili Lagacé’s husband… and lo and behold, I looked down and found a Leo Lagassee with the same birthdate as my grandfather, June 1888.

The rest is history. Adlore was in reality Adélard Lagacé, my grandfather’s brother born in 1880 with Dennis being Stanislas and Harriett being Henriette. All the dates correspond. Harriett (Henriette) had 13 children, 6 were still living in 1900.

How I found Eugène Dubé’s name in the first place?

And who is this Antoine Lagacé, Lagasse, Lagace, Lagassi, Lagassee or Legacy…?

Come back next time. This is a very long story.