How I found information about Édouard…

I never could understand why my father acted the way he did with his children and with his family. When his father died on January 1, 1964, the whole Lagacé family died with him. Leo Lagacé Senior was my grandfather who we see here on this picture.

Léo Lagacé and two of his sons in 1933

Montreal 1933

Léo Lagacé Senior is with two sons, Léo Junior and Marcel. Marcel is in the wheelchair. My father is in the back. I believe my father loved his father a lot though he never told me. I loved my father a lot though I never told him…

This is why I write a lot and don’t talk to much about how I feel.

Leo Senior married once in 1912. I thought his first wife had died and that he had remarried with Juliette Métayer, Édouard’s daughter.

That’s what I thought.

Let’s go back to Édouard Métayer the man responsible for my quest about my ancestors. I knew he was a fire captain in Montreal so I contacted someone in the fire department. The man who contacted me was Mister Courtemanche, a retired fireman, working for le Centre d’histoire du Service incendie de Montréal.

He found the precious information I needed:  when and where Édouard was baptized. With that information the flood gate opened.

Next time, what I learned about Édouard. But before I leave, I will tease you with this picture…

55 Concorde Ste-Thérèse vers 1940


11 thoughts on “How I found information about Édouard…

  1. This is great! Every family has a different way of leading us down the path of finding our ancestors. I love hearing these stories!

      • My blog has a lot of stories. That’s the problem. I wrote depending on who was writing.

        About Stanislas Lagacé aka Dennis Lagassee, there was three Dennis… Dennis I, his son Dennis II (my great-grandfather), one of his son who he named Dennis (my grandfather Leo’s brother). This Dennis had 11 children with Amanda Ménard. I found almost all their descendants. One son Levi Napoleon had a son who he named Lionel. Lionel had a son who he named Dennis… This Dennis is the one who sent me 100 pictures. In those there were my great-grandfather. For Dennis I, I only have his death certificate. Maybe one day someone will write me and say… I don’t know who’s the old man… I will know!

      • Yes, that’s the exciting thing about genealogy. One never knows when we will cross paths with a distant relative we never knew before.

      • You should start reading the first post and then slowly read the rest.
        There are only 734 posts.
        You will see how many amazing stories evolved.
        I never make anything up.
        All true stories.

        Just think of it as a book.
        Take you time.

      • Dennis II with the white hat on the left…

        His grandson Levi Napoleon is making believe he is shooting something with a branch.

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