Searching for my father… through his family tree

Well this is it…

This is the picture of my father…

Léo Lagacé

May 10, 1950

After spending two years searching for answers, I finally found peace with my father, and Édouard Métayer was the one who help me without knowing…

Before I talk about my father, I will talk about Édouard Métayer, the great-grandfather I never knew and I never met, and who never thought he was going to help his daughter’s grandson finding his father.

Édouard Métayer was born in l’Île d’Orléans in 1869.

For those not familiar with the province of Québec, l’île d’Orléans is near Quebec City.

I had never been there before, but, in a way, Édouard made me go there.

My wife and I were travelling to Quebec City two years ago and I decided to take a long boat to China and cross the bridge between Québec City and l’île d’Orléans.

I went to Sainte-Famille and took this picture of the church my great-grandfather was christened.

église Ste-Famille

Sainte-Famille Church

Édouard was the child of Édouard-Elzéar Métayer and Philomène Dupont.

How did I manage to find those information?

I will tell you next time.

It’s a beautiful story.


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