Is this your lucky day?

Is your name Hogue?

Are your parents from Massachusetts or New England?

Then you might be a descendant of Jean-Marie Hogue?

carte mortuaire Jean-Marie-Hogue fils

There are probably thousands of Jean-Marie Hogue’s descendants living in the United States and if they write to me they will have part of their family tree.

And it’s all free…

We go back to Jean Hogue and Nicole Dubus who lived in France around 1650. Their son Pierre Hogue dit St-Malo is the ancestor of Jean-Marie Hogue. Pierre Hogue married Jeanne Théodore on November 10, 1676 in Montreal.

I know they had a son named Pierre Hogue dit Saint-Malo who married Jeanne Théodore. They are the ancestors of Jean-Marie Hogue, the father of Napoléon, Clémentine and of course Jean-Marie.

This is picture of Jean-Marie Hogue…

Jean-Marie Hogue père

Click on the picture to view his file

Jean-Marie Hogue married Rosalie Léveillé on April 16, 1844 in Sainte-Anne-des-Plaines. The Léveillés were also called Truchons. Rosalie had a brother, Narcisse Truchon.

Narcisse Truchon dit Léveillé has a son named Arcade Léveillé. Arcade had a daughter, Hermine Léveillé… who married a widower:

Jean-Marie HogueJean-Marie Hogue.

enfants Jean-Marie Hogue

Hermine holding Yvette, with Corine beside her. Adonis is the little boy on the left.

I told you it was your lucky day, and you did not even have to buy the winning ticket…

So if you are a Hogue or know someone who is or was, then write a comment.