Matthias Farnsworth… Does This Name Ring a Bell?

If your name is Phaneuf and you live in Canada or the United States, it should ring a bell…

Have you ever heard about the raids both the English and the French conducted in the late 1690s and early 1700s.

How about the Deerfield massacre?

Matthias Farnsworth was one young lad who was captured… but not in Deerfield.

He was captured in Groton.

Claude-Mathias Fanef was born “Matthias Farnsworth“, at Groton, Massachusetts, on August 6, 1690 (old style calendar in use then in New England). He was the sixth child of Matthias Farnsworth (Matthias II) and Sarah Nutting, who got married at Groton, Massachusetts on March 1st, 1681. 

The grandfather of Claude-Mathias had the same first name Matthias (Matthias I) and he was the first Farnsworth of the ascendant line to cross over to New England. He was born in England around July 20, 1615 in the Manchester area, Lancashire county.

If you look at a map, Groton is just north of Marlborough, Massachusetts. This is where we find Joseph Phaneuf, son of Cora Renaud and Joseph Phaneuf.

Joseph Phaneuf, the husband of Bernadette Hogue, is a direct descendant of Matthias Farnsworth, and he lived his life near the place his ancestor was captured.

I believe I am the first amateur genealogist to find this information.

3 thoughts on “Matthias Farnsworth… Does This Name Ring a Bell?

  1. Bonjour,
    Je suis une descendante de Matthias Phaneuf 1er du côté maternelle.

    Je compte aller à Groton aux États-Unis la semaine prochaine.

    Seriez-vous à mesure de me donner des informations sur la ville de Groton et la capture de Matthias Farnworth 3e?

    Merci beaucoup

  2. According to family history I am a descendant of Phaneuf who was captured and brought to Canada. As far as I know he was integrated into the Mohawk tribe and at some point in time a descendant (Indian female) married a french fur trapper outside of Montreal (Cocnawagua). This story ties into the Giguere ancestry, which traces the family in Quebec & Montreal, Canada, back to Gonic, NH, Springfield & Gardner, MA. I’m trying to unravel this so, I thought I would reply.
    Dave Giguere

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