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Jim sent me another e-mail.

Okay… You can stop the music…

Jim had sent me the info he had about his wife’s ancestors.

Her mother was one of the daughters of Joseph Ménard and Laura Gendreau. Laura Gendreau’s parents were Jean-Baptiste Gendreau and Louise Renaud.

Louise Renaud is the sister of Cora Renaud the mother of Joseph Phaneuf, the man we see here beside Bernadette Hogue.

couple Phaneuf et Hogue

Joseph Phaneuf and Bernadette Hogue

Remember I told you I believe they got married in 1910…

One of my readers noticed that some of the men in the picture had flowers pinned to their coat.

men with flowers

So it made sense that the picture taken in Marlborough in 1910 was about a wedding.

The woman is Clémentine Bélisle (née Hogue) with her husband Wilfrid Bélisle. The young man beside him has his hand on his shoulder. I surmize he is his son. The young man beside Clémentine seems to be also her son. They all came down from Québec for a wedding.

Then I looked closely and saw wedding rings…

wedding rings

I hope they live happily ever after…”

couple Phaneuf et Hogue

I hope you’re right and she’s right…”

Next time, we will go back in time in a little village in Massachusetts.

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