Every old picture has a story to tell…

Someone I know and who knows a lot about Sainte-Anne-des-Plaines told me that Napoléon Hogue is probably the first person who grew strawberries in Sainte-Anne-des-Plaines.

Napoléon Hogue

Napoléon Hogue

Sainte-Anne-des-Plaines is renowned for its strawberries.

Let’s get back to this picture…

Napoléon is seen on this picture…

famille Hogue 1909

We did not know where the picture was taken. What we knew is that it was taken before 1919 because that is the year Napoléon died. When the person who told me about Napoléon’s strawberries saw that picture on my French blog, he sent me this…

carte mortuaire Jean-Marie-Hogue fils

Jean-Marie Hogue
husband of Hermine Léveillé
deceased in Marlboro, October 8, 1920 at age 74

Napoléon and Jean-Marie were brothers. They also had sisters. One of them was Clémentine. This is Clémentine.

Clémentine Hogue

She was the wife of Wilfrid Bélisle. She died in 1915. I believe that this is Clémentine in the picture… visiting her brother Jean-Marie.

Napoléon, Clémentine et Jean-Marie

The same person who sent me the obituary said that Clémentine ought to be a very close relative to put her hands on two old men like that. Come back next time… for the reason behind this family picture.

P.-S. I wonder if they grow strawberries in Memphis, Tennessee.

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