I had warned her and now I am warning you…

This last message from Evelyn…

Hi once more…

Yes, this is addictive and I’ve got to get busy with some household chores that are waiting for me…

Here is the picture of Herm.

Herm Sulkers - 2005 sm

He had warned her…

Yes, you may use any of the information that I sent to you.

I don’t think that there is anything there that needs to be kept in privacy.


Ev Howard

Well that’s all folks… Every picture tells a story…

athab 2

England 1945

Athabaskan’s sailors taken prisoners going home

Herm Sulkers

Full speed ahead…

Next time, I will talk about the search for my father… but I am warning you…

2 thoughts on “I had warned her and now I am warning you…

  1. Bussum, the Netherlands, 18th July 2019. (tomorrow I am celebrating my 73rd birthday !)
    Hello there. Last night, during a nice dinner, I talked about my dearest friend Herm Sulkers. You might want to know that I am ‘the Dutch enthusiast guy’ you write about in one of your articles, that assisted Herm finding his way through the Dutch Archives. We travelled all through Holland together and talked for hours and hours and hours. Meeting Herm is truly one of the highlights of my life ! Of course I am perfectly willing to share with you my experiences with Herm, documents and photo’s. Let me know !
    Kindest regards, Roelf Schrik

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