Some passengers in the Passenger List of the SS. Victorian in 1910

This is another e-mail Evelyn sent me…


My father is listed here as Anton, but his legal name was Anthonie Sulkers.

PassList Sulkers01zoom

Boarding pass

He was 11 year old when they came to Canada, and his brother, Pieter, (Herm’s father) was 17.
My father had a good memory and year ago, he told me the name of the ship they came on and the date of their leaving Liverpool, England.

With that information, I was able to find the copies of the ship’s information and passenger list on Microfishe, in the archives at the Surrey Museum’s Genealogy department and I made several copies of those documents.

Herm’s parents were Pieter Sulkers, born Dec.8, 1892 & died May 30, 1968,and Martha Gertruida (nee Baak), born Sept. 11, 1895 & died May 19, 1958.

Herm had 3 sisters and 2 brothers.

One brother was named Peter, after their father.  The other  (a twin of Peter) died in infancy.

His sisters were Mary Sulkers-Kendel, Winnifred Sulkers-Burbank, and Bernice Sulkers-McKee.

Only Bernice is still living (in the U.S.A.).



Click here for Anton Sulker’s family tree

Tomorrow, Evelyn’s last e-mail… I had warn her…

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