Found this posting on the Internet… in Dutch… then I found this in my inbox…

I warn you again…

Genealogy is addictive, so is my blog…

It’s not to late to stop…

Proceed with caution…

Ahead one-third…

Herm Sulkers - 2005 sm

Full speed ahead…

Aflevering 2.

Herman Sulkers kan ook benaderd worden via email (veel 83-jarigen kunnen dat tegenwoordig) via

Wie brengt hem in het contact met naamgenoten en mogelijk achterneven en -nichten.

Z’n opa en oma vertrokken ongeveer 110 jaar geleden uit D’oord naar omgeving Zaandam vanwaar in 1910 naar Winnipeg, Canada!

Dinteloorders, groot nieuws!

Een nazaat van een gezin uit Dinteloord, dat van Hermanus Sulkers (geb. 22 april 1852) en Maria Johanna Vriens hoopt in juli 2003 vanuit het verre Canada waar hij 83 jaar geleden geboren is, Dinteloord te bezoeken.

Natuurlijk is hij op zoek naar verre familieleden en kan daarbij hulp gebruiken.

Hij en twee nichten zijn al een paar jaar aan het vroeten naar hun ‘roots.’

My Dutch is not that good…

But in this forum post I know that Hermanus Sulkers (geb. 22 april 1852) means Hermanus Sulkers (born 22 April 1852).

We now have Herm’s grandfather’s birthdate.

This is a translation done on an Internet translation site…

Episode 2.

Herman Sulkers can also be accessed via email (many 83 year olds can do nowadays) via
Who brings him into contact with possible namesakes and nephews and nieces. His grandparents left about 110 years ago, D’haven from which to nearby Zaandam in 1910 to Winnipeg, Canada!

Dinteloorders, great news!
A descendant of a family from Dinteloord that of Hermanus Sulkers (born April 22, 1852) and Maria Johanna Vriens hopes in July 2003 from the remote Canada where he was born 83 years ago, Dinteloord visit. Of course he is looking for distant relatives and can thereby help.
He and two cousins have been a few years to Vroet to their roots.

Well, I think we get the message…

It says that Herm is going to visit Holland.

Now for my inbox…

This was in it…

Thanks for the e-mail!

Yes, I know the history of the Athabaskan and Herm Sulkers, my first cousin, was a wonderful guy.   We shared a lot of family history information during Herm’s later years.  I have a number of articles about Herm and the Athabaskan.  I’m not sure which ones you posted, but thanks for writing, anyway.

Best Wishes,

Ev Howard

I sent her this message…


I was looking for more information about Herm on the Internet and I found your message posted in 2005.
I took a chance to help you in your search. Have you found more ancestors in Holland other than Hermanus?

Tomorrow I will write an article on my blog about Herm’s genealogy.

Herman Sulkers was a great man and my articles on him are to pay homage to a man who served
his country. My wife’s uncle was also on the Athabaskan. He’s 81 but he doesn’t want to talk about the ordeal
he went through. He said he was rescue by the Haida.

My blog Lest We Forget pays homage to him and to his comrades.

Pierre Lagacé

Now we are going somewhere, maybe to Holland… Who knows?

See you tomorrow.