Anton or Antonia… that was the question

Remember Anton or Antonia…

That was the question I was asking myself.

Well, the person was a man…

I found this on the Internet while searching for more information…

The message was posted back in 2005.

Evelyn Howard

14 July 2005

Interested In
Family history from Holland. – Names: Bijl, Vogelezang, Sulkers.


My parents came to Canada in the early 1900’s with their respective parents and families. My father-Anton Sulkers was born in Zaandam. His father was Hermanus Sulkers and his mother was Maria Johanna Vriens. My mother, Adriana Bijl was born in Krimpen a/d IJssel. Her parents were Evelytje Vogelezang and David Bijl and his father was Andries Bijl. Anyone with a possible connection?

Write to me please.

Thank you.

The message said… Write to me please…

So I wrote a message.


Did you know Herm Sulkers, the son of Peter Sulkers, son of Hermanus, was a sailor on the Canadian destroyer Athabaskan.
I posted a lot of articles on this subject.

Pierre Lagacé

Now at least I know Anton was not Antonia… He’s Evelyn Howard’s father.

I wonder if I will get a reply.

See you.

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