Father Adélard and Father Joseph

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This article is not about Celine Dion’s ancestors…

It’s about Father Adélard Chaumont and Father Joseph Chaumont who were born in Sainte-Anne-des-Plaines.

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I just knew I had to stop doing the dishes and go see Paul-Émile Chaumont.

Monsieur Chaumont had this picture. I had to take a picture of that picture. I did not know why but I took it. In fact, I love old pictures, but I did not know what I would discover. The picture is fuzzy, but monsieur Chaumont’s picture is clearer.

Doris posted this photo on her Website Sunday morning…

Then I started thinking.

famille Chaumont-Therrien

They are the children of Mathilde Therrien and Calixte Euchariste Chaumont. Two missionaries are sitting in the front row with their older sister Mathilde Chaumont on the left and Calixte II on the right. Their parents are dead otherwise they would be in the picture.

Here is Father Joseph Chaumont. This time he is in Manitoba probably in the 1920s…


The caption said that Father  Joseph Chaumont is behind the nun…

The picture was taken from this Website.

Père joseph chaumont

This is a mosaic sent to me by Yvon Lauzon last year. We find Father Joseph Chaumont once again.


Père Joseph Chaumont O.M.I.

Joseph Chaumont O.M.I. 1892

The year is when he became a priest. This is his brother Adélard.

Père Adélard Chaumont O.M.I.

Adélard Chaumont O.M.I. 1886

Here is once again the old picture I took a picture of.

famille Chaumont-Therrien

What I know is that Calixte Chaumont and Mathilde Therrien had these children: Joseph, Adélard, Calixte, Napoléon, Moïse, Clodomir, Mathilde, Azélie et Léontine. There is also another Joseph born in 1860 but who died in 1867.

In 1881, this is what we see in the census record.


Mathida CHOMONT     Female   French Canadian  48      Quebec Cultivateur Catholique
Calixte CHOMONT        Male       French Canadian   26      Quebec Cult       Catholique
Napoleon CHOMONT    Male       French Canadian  23       Quebec Cult       Catholique
Adelor CHOMONT         Male       French Canadian  21       Quebec Cult       Catholique
Azilia CHOMONT           Female   French Canadian  15       Quebec Catholique
Joseph CHOMONT        Male       French Canadian   13      Quebec Catholique
Leotine CHOMONT       Female   French Canadian   11      Quebec Catholique

Mathilde is a widow. She lives in Ste-Anne-des-Plaines with her sons Calixte, Napoléon, Adélard, Joseph and her two daughters Azélie and Léontine. I found the Chaumonts in the 1901 Census again in Ste-Anne-des-Plaines.

Chaumont Napoléon     M           Head     M     Mar 22     1858     43
Chaumont Marie L.     F           Wife     M     Aug 30     1865     35
Chaumont Donat     M           Son     S     Nov 5     1895     5
Chaumont Yvonne     F           Daughter     S     Jun 12     1897     3
Chaumont Rose E.     F           Daughter     S     Feb 24     1900     1
Chaumont Clodimir     M           Brother     S     Oct 6     1875     25
Chartrand Narcisse     M           Orphan     S     Oct 6     1881     19

1901 Census of Canada
Subdistrict:    Sainte-Anne-des-Plaines, TERREBONNE, QUEBEC

Clodomir is 25 and lives with his brother Napoléon. There is a Narcisse Chartrand who is an orphan. Calixte, Napoléon’s and Clodomir’s brother is the next door neighbour…

Chaumont Calixte     M           Head     M     Oct 12     1854     46
Chaumont Clérilda     F           Wife     M     Feb 28     1869     33
Chaumont Zénon     M           Son     S     Oct 9     1883     17
Chaumont Ferdinand     M           Son     S     Jun 11     1885     15
Chaumont Aldas     M           Son     S     Jan 25     1887     14
Chaumont Maria     F           Daughter     S     Jan 25     1890     11
Chaumont Marie R.     F           Daughter     S     Dec 5     1896     4
Chaumont Alma G.     F           Daughter     S     Apr 24     1898     2

Source Information:
1901 Census of Canada
Subdistrict:    Sainte-Anne-des-Plaines, TERREBONNE, QUEBEC

Mathilde Therrien is not in the 1901 census. Tomorrow I will have another picture of Adélard Chaumont to show you.