I met another descendant of Calixte Euchariste Chaumont…

Post No. 3

If you live in Sainte-Anne-des-Plaines, you surely know Paul-Émile Chaumont…

He lives on 1st Avenue, a stone throw away from Richard Lauzon who lives on boulevard Sainte-Anne. Mister Chaumont phoned me Wednesday night. I was washing the dishes.

He said something about Doris Chaumont and I did not quite understand what he was talking about…

I thought he was the other Doris Chaumont, another descendant of Calixte, who lived in the Trait-Carré. Doris and I had gone with Yvon Lauzon to see him right after our litte genealogy breakfast last Saturday.

He was not home and we did not have time to go back and see him before Doris got back to Ottawa.

Paul-Émile Chaumont told me that his father Adrien Chaumont was Joseph Chaumont’s brother, the great-grandfather of Doris Chaumont.

I asked him if I could meet him. He said anytime I wanted to….

For me, this “anytime” ment… 15 minutes later…

The dishes would have to wait.

Having my digital camera with me, I knock on his door. I never expected what was going to see.

Two large albums : one with all the genealogy of the Chaumont family and the other album with all these pictures…

two albums

including the now famous 1923…



Doris would have been thrilled to see that album. Paul-Émile help me also found the occasion for this reunion back in 1923… You will find out at the end of this article.

When I got back I had to write a message to doris. I knew she had the flu and I just wanted to know how she was…

Hi Doris,

How are you?
I have got good news for you.

I will tell you when you reply to this e-mail..


She answered she was feeling better and she wanted to know what were the good news…

Hi Doris,

Do you know a man by the name of Paul-Émile Chaumont?


She answered back telling me the name was familiar…

She did not recall who he was though. They were some many people at her aunt’s funeral that she lost track of all the names…

So I jarred her memory back…

I sent her a picture of Paul-ÉmileChaumont, and then she saw the light…

Paul-Émile Chaumont

Oh my gosh he showed you the book!

I’ve been trying to get my hands on that book!

I sent her a few pictures I took of photos in one of the albums…

Paul-Émile Chaumont 005

Her great-uncle Adéodat, her grandfather Rolland, her grandmother Marie-Ange Baril,
Victor Chaumont, Gaétane and Carmelle, two adopted daughters of the Chaumont-Baril couple

Paul-Émile Chaumont 007

Her grandparents with their children. Doris’ father is on the far right.

Doris didn’t believe what she was seeing…

OH my gosh!!!!!!

This is a treasure!

I wish I would have remembered his name!

Doris then calm down, but not before I told her Paul-Émile was inviting her back to Sainte-Anne and that he was even willing to go to Ottawa to pick her up…

To be continued…

Now what was the occasion behind the 1923 family picture.

It was for someone’s marriage.

Paul-Ubald Chaumont and Alexina Lapointe were married on June 24, 1923.

mariage 27 juin 1923

Look at the bride’s bouquet …

Now we know not only the reason but the precise date of the photograph…


June 27, 1923

Paul-Émile Chaumont even had another picture of the newlyweds.

To be continued…

In the next article, I will talk about two other descendants of Calixte Chaumont. They are Fathers Adélard Chaumont and Joseph Chaumont who were missionnaries in Western Canada in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s.

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