Welcome home Louisiana… Prairie Soileau

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You have certainly read my article on Doris Chaumont’s visit to Ste-Anne-des-Plaines…

If you did not then click on the link just above.

Doris asked me if I could translate the article I wrote in my French blog Nos Ancêtres…

She told me Seeburn Chaumont could not read French, so I translated it in English.

Since people in Louisiana are so excited about the Chaumonts living here in Ste-Anne-des-Plaines and elsewhere in Canada, I have decided to create an English version of my blog  just for the Chaumonts in Louisiana.

So here we go… with my first article.

If you live in Louisiana, I guess you know where I took part of my title for my article.

I know people here in Ste-Anne-des-Plaines had not a faintess idea.

So I wrote this article for them in French

Now listen and start dancing…

Prairie Soileau

Doris had sent me a newspaper clipping. It was about the obituary of a man living in Prairie Soileau.

If you are a Chaumont, then this will be quite interesting.

Click here to start your voyage back in time…

Interesting hey!

Doris found a descendant of Narcisse Chaumont, son of Joseph Chaumont and Marie-Louise Lemay.

Narcisse was the half-brother of Joseph Chaumont, the father of Calixte Chaumont, Doris’ ancestor.

Narcisse was born in Ste-Anne-des-Plaines.

2009-09-15 cimetiere 3

Narcisse’s half-brother’s tombstone

She contacted Seeburn Chaumont, one of Narcisse Chaumont’s descendants. Seeburn sent her a parcel full of documents about Chaumonts living in Louisiana.

Narcisse emigrated to the United States and settled in Prairie Soileau.

Here the obituary of Narcisse Chaumont sent by Seeburn Chaumont.


Narcisse Chaumont’s obituary

It was posted in 1896 !

Seeburn also sent a picture of Narcisse Chaumont’s tombstone…


Narcisse Chaumont’s tombstone

If you look closely the birthyear is wrong. Narcisse was born in 1815. Doris found the birth certificate in the parish register.

When doing genealogy, we always have to have more than one source…

I will talk more about the Chaumont family when Doris writes to me again… like let’s say tomorrow.

10 thoughts on “Welcome home Louisiana… Prairie Soileau

  1. I was wondering where the grave of Narcisse Chaumont. He is my Great-great-great grandfather, which I trace by his son Sebastien, and Sebastien’s son Adraste who is my Great-grandfather.

  2. ref: Prairie Soileau

    GREAT ARTICLE : we can share HONOR my FAMILY and the MEMORY of my ANCESTORS,GREAT PEOPLE who SACRIFICED so and paved the way for me and my FAMILY

    Seeburn Chaumont

  3. Doris and Seeburn,

    Thank you so much for sharing this information!

    I am the Great-Great-Great grandson of Narcisse through his son Jean (John) and my great Grandmother Medora.
    I would appreciate any pictures or information about Narcisse or Joseph Charles Chaumont.

    Matt Williams
    Greenville, Texas

  4. Mr. Pierre Lagace:
    Belated ” Thank You ” for translating your great articles to English we enjoy them

    Pinkie/Seeburn Chaumont

  5. From the Gulf of Mexico, Praire Soileau, Heart of Acadiana,to our Canadian Cousins,Joyeux Noel et Bonne Annee.
    Seeburn & Pinkie Chaumont &Family.
    Keep The Faith.

  6. Reblogged this on Our Ancestors and commented:

    How I got carried away about this spin-off blog when I heard the kind of music played in Prairie Soileau…

    Seeburn if you are still reading this blog, just drop a comment…

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