A most welcome visit to Sainte-Anne-des-Plaines

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Doris Chaumont is an amateur genealogist.

She’s the daughter of Léopold Chaumont who is the son of Rolland Chaumont, the son of Joseph Chaumont.

I had talked about Doris in an article on my blog about genealogy.

The man in the picture is Joseph Chaumont. He’s Doris’ great-grandfather. Joseph Chaumont left Sainte-Anne-des-Plaines  around 1910.

2009-09-1Joseph Chaumont Albertine Blouin et famille

Joseph Chaumont, Albertine Blouin and their children

This picture was taken in 1923 in Sainte-Anne-des-Plaines. Doris’ grandfather, Rolland Chaumont, is the little boy behind Joseph.

Joseph Chaumont came here with his small family from Earlton in Ontario to pay a visit to his parents.

First I thought it was for his parents’ anniversary, but Moïse Chaumont and Marguerite Desjardins got married in 1880. I don’t see why people would celebrate their 43rd wedding anniversary…

This is the famous picture I had posted before on my blog. The picture was taken in 1923…



This picture was sent to Doris by Sylvain Lauzon. At first, we could identify only a few people, but now everyone in the picture has been identified, which is quite a feat.

This is another picture with only the children of the Chaumont-Desjardins’s couple.


The photo was taken at the same time because everyone is dressed the same way. Doris always wanted to do her family tree.

She told me once that when her father was talking about Monseigneur Chaumont, his face would lighten up. He would have like to do his family tree. After her father died, Doris went on a mission to do it for him.

She went on the Internet on January 17, 2009 and found my old genealogy Website. We exchanged a lot of e-mails and she was able to trace back her Chaumont ancestors.

She has her own Website.

We could say that Doris is now an expert when we want to know something about the Chaumont family, at least I think so. Sometimes I can’t even follow what she wants to explain to me.

Those who know me, and try sometimes to follow what I am saying, must find some solace and find this funny at the same time.

Early in September, Doris sent me an e-mail. She wanted to come to Sainte-Anne-des-Plaines. She asked me if there was a hotel. With my sense of humor, I said there was not much accomodation except for le Bar des Plaines and la Maison Chaumont.

Then I had this great idea… I talked to her about this great new Bed and Breakfast place… but she never understood that Nicole and I were inviting her for the weekend…

Now, a photo-story of Doris’ trip to her ancestors’ place…

Breakfast at Au gré des jours restaurant…

2009-09-15 dejeuner 1

Élisabeth, Mireille, Nicole and Doris

2009-09-15 dejeuner 2

Yvon Lauzon, Lise Lauzon, Lise Therrien, Richard Lauzon, Elisabeth, Richard’s daughter, Mireille, Richard’s wife, Nicole who is hiding behind me with a great smile on my face…

2009-09-15 dejeuner 3

Yvon Lauzon, Lise Lauzon, Lise Therrien, Richard Lauzon,
Elisabeth waving at the camera…, Mireille, Nicole who makes an appearance and I, closing my eyes at the wrong time…

A visit to the cemetery to find her ancestors with two top notch guides…

2009-09-15 cimetiere 6

Yvon, Richard and Doris

2009-09-15 cimetiere 3

Calixte Chaumont’s monument, Doris’ great-great-great-grandfather

Calixte Chaumont 1832-1876

2009-09-15 cimetiere 1

Moïse Chaumont and Marguerite Desjardins

2009-09-15 cimetiere 2

Doris’ great uncle, Adéodat Chaumont, a priest

and her great aunt Marie-Louise Chaumont, a nun

A visit to Maison Chaumont…

It was closing time but members of the Cercle des fermières let us in.

2009-09-15 Maison Chaumont 3

We were welcomed in

2009-09-15 Maison Chaumont 1

Doris all smile

2009-09-15 Maison Chaumont 2

Photogenic Doris

2009-09-15 Maison Chaumont 4

Doris and the famous Chaumont barn

2009-09-15 Maison Chaumont 5

Peek a boo…

From now on, Doris will have fond memories of her ancestors’ place and of a great B&B to stay in…