Rolled eyes

I really like that expression Rosh had used in a comment.

Rolled eyes.

In fact I don’t care that much about rolled eyes. I bring people to life on this blog so those who don’t roll their eyes can see them.

Idala 1930

I know Alyce isn’t the one to roll her eyes when she reads my blog.

I hope her grandchildren will open them wide one day.

Identification of Idala's sons

Have you ever goggled Idala Lagasse?



Comments on this blog gets me going.

I guess How I met your ancestors? was a great idea after all, and it will come back later this fall which is just around the corner.

Rosh, whose a prime commenter, had replied last week to one of my comments I made on her blog about one of her ancestors. I wanted to know if she was sure about what she was writing.

We made some educated probability guesses based on DNA, which led us down a completely different path than we had originally thought we were a part of.

We have made some guesses based on others in the tree who had documentation. We pieced together a story which my aunt told me. They knew of an old maid who was my dad’s great aunt………etc. etc. and from there we started doing searches of census records, baptismal records etc. and we think we’ve come up with the closest matches that we can get. I don’t have a record that says who William Wallace’s parents are, but we’ve been able to piece together information based on ancillary people and records.

Yes, ancestry’s hints are definitely not fool proof, but we’ve done the very best we could with what we had and put what we thought would be the best picture for research purposes. I’m repeating myself and blabbing.

I hope you can understand partly what I’m trying to say anyway.


Educated probability guesses are what I have used before as well as old pictures to finally figure out who’s who on that 1912 picture.

family picture of Dennis Lagassey and Amanda Menard with children

Can we move on please…

Most of the captions for the girls are correct on that old picture: Alice is Alice, Tony is Toni, Ida is Ida, Bertha is Bertha.

This picture was part of Alice Lagasse’s collection of old pictures.

Michael, who has found who was her birth grandmother after a long search, has shared this picture with me two weeks ago. So my educated guess is whoever wrote the captions knew that Alice in 1912 was Alice, Michael’s birth grandmother.

But Gert in the white dress can’t be Gert since Donna had already identified for us her grandmother Odna. She should know who her grandmother Odna don’t we?

four generations Amanda Odna Doris Donna

 Amanda Ménard (sitting), Odna, Donna and her mother Doris

Odna would then be Gert or Gertrude who married Francis Spielman.

Still mixed up? Don’t worry I am mixed up sometimes with your ancestors.

The captions for the boys were a little mixed up, but I don’t want to take too much of your time explaining all this part.

As far as “Mary” on the porch, next to Dennis Lagassey III, she’s not Mary but his wife Amanda Ménard.

I just saw some rolled eyes out there.

I will be back later this week and tell you more about Harry who I did not know was in the army….

Harry Lagasse

Harry Lagasse

One more time around and we will quit?

Post 803

I am well aware that some readers might be fed up reading about this family picture taken around 1912 in East Bristol, Connecticut.

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Am I overdoing this?

Not a bit if you are one of Alice’s descendants and if you are looking for old pictures of Alice’s siblings and who’s who in the family tree.

original picture of the Lagasse family

Round one

This picture, which looks like more a photocopy, was sent in 2011 by Dennis, Levi Napoleon Lagasse’s grandson, and I had to make sense of the notes written on the side by his father Lionel who was Levi’s only son.

picture from Dennis 1


According to the Lionel’s guessing notes, Alice was the little girl on the left in front of her big sister. That note had led me to mix up most of the girls’ names since.

I knew at that time, thanks to this next picture, who were the boys and I knew that some notes were wrong except for Levi’s name and the people on the porch.

original picture of the Lagasse family


Round two

Then this picture was sent in 2013 by Donna, Odna Lagasse’s granddaughter…

Dennis Lagassey family


No caption, but Donna said the young lady in the white dress was her grandmother Odna. So I figured she ought to know who her Grandma was.

Round three…

This was added last week on Michael’s Facebook. Michael is one of Alice Lagasse’s descendants… Most captions are wrong, but…

family picture of Dennis Lagassey and Amanda Menard with children


Smile Alice… because we now know who you are and all your siblings!

One more time around and we will quit?

It this the final answer to the game Who’s who I have been playing since 2011?

Who's Who

Don’t place your bet right now because there is always a new old picture popping up on this blog.

Harry Lagasse

Harry Lagasse aka Henri Lagacé

Are you suffering from GOD?

Post 801

We are at a crossroad my loyal readers because we will be closing a chapter on this blog.

Harry Lagasse

Harry Lagasse

Are you suffering from GOD?

Genealogical obsessive disorder?

That what I think after I have been reading a few posts from a new found blogger about genealogy.

I am definitely suffering from GOD.

No disrespect God wise.

Which makes me think about BWD.

Blog writing disorder.


Dear Pierre,
I hope you’re not tired helping people to find their ancestors!

family picture of Dennis Lagassey and Amanda Menard with children



Just kidding of course…

How I never met Harry’s grandson…

Gerard Lagasse, Harry’s grandson never wrote back.

He had written a comment in October 2010 after I had posted this in August 2010.

Hi Pierre
I am the first son of Gerard H Lagasse and would be glad to share info. with you. Thanks

So I have decided to write him again this morning for the last time.

You wrote me in 2010 about Gerard Lagasse being your father, but you never replied to my e-mail.
Are you interested in knowing more?

Harry Lagasse

Harry Lagasse, son of Dennis Lagassey and Amanda Ménard,
brother of Alice Lagasse

(collection Alice Lagasse)