One more time around and we will quit?

Post 803

I am well aware that some readers might be fed up reading about this family picture taken around 1912 in East Bristol, Connecticut.

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Am I overdoing this?

Not a bit if you are one of Alice’s descendants and if you are looking for old pictures of Alice’s siblings and who’s who in the family tree.

original picture of the Lagasse family

Round one

This picture, which looks like more a photocopy, was sent in 2011 by Dennis, Levi Napoleon Lagasse’s grandson, and I had to make sense of the notes written on the side by his father Lionel who was Levi’s only son.

picture from Dennis 1


According to the Lionel’s guessing notes, Alice was the little girl on the left in front of her big sister. That note had led me to mix up most of the girls’ names since.

I knew at that time, thanks to this next picture, who were the boys and I knew that some notes were wrong except for Levi’s name and the people on the porch.

original picture of the Lagasse family


Round two

Then this picture was sent in 2013 by Donna, Odna Lagasse’s granddaughter…

Dennis Lagassey family


No caption, but Donna said the young lady in the white dress was her grandmother Odna. So I figured she ought to know who her Grandma was.

Round three…

This was added last week on Michael’s Facebook. Michael is one of Alice Lagasse’s descendants… Most captions are wrong, but…

family picture of Dennis Lagassey and Amanda Menard with children


Smile Alice… because we now know who you are and all your siblings!

One more time around and we will quit?

It this the final answer to the game Who’s who I have been playing since 2011?

Who's Who

Don’t place your bet right now because there is always a new old picture popping up on this blog.

Harry Lagasse

Harry Lagasse aka Henri Lagacé

Are you suffering from GOD?

Post 801

We are at a crossroad my loyal readers because we will be closing a chapter on this blog.

Harry Lagasse

Harry Lagasse

Are you suffering from GOD?

Genealogical obsessive disorder?

That what I think after I have been reading a few posts from a new found blogger about genealogy.

I am definitely suffering from GOD.

No disrespect God wise.

Which makes me think about BWD.

Blog writing disorder.


Dear Pierre,
I hope you’re not tired helping people to find their ancestors!

family picture of Dennis Lagassey and Amanda Menard with children



Just kidding of course…

How I never met Harry’s grandson…

Gerard Lagasse, Harry’s grandson never wrote back.

He had written a comment in October 2010 after I had posted this in August 2010.

Hi Pierre
I am the first son of Gerard H Lagasse and would be glad to share info. with you. Thanks

So I have decided to write him again this morning for the last time.

You wrote me in 2010 about Gerard Lagasse being your father, but you never replied to my e-mail.
Are you interested in knowing more?

Harry Lagasse

Harry Lagasse, son of Dennis Lagassey and Amanda Ménard,
brother of Alice Lagasse

(collection Alice Lagasse)

the French Connection – Part 9 – the Women who Came to New France

Pierre Lagacé:

Great information of who were probably your ancestors if you have French-Canadian roots. Most of people living in the U.S. have some.

Originally posted on Coming out of Hiding:

There were two groups of women who came to New France early in the development of the colonies. The first group were the fille a marier or marriageable women. They came between 1643 and 1663. The second group were the Kings Daughters or Fille du Roi. They came later and had more benefits.

From the Many Roads website:

They (the marriage women) were promised nothing but the possibility of a better life. If they survived the perils of the crossing, they lived with the daily threat of death at the hands of the Iroquois. If they survived the Iroquois, they had to deal with the hard life of subsistence farming, harsh winters spent in a log cabin that they may have helped build, epidemics of smallpox and “fever” and difficult and often dangerous childbirth.

Cap Tourant - first farm in Quebec

Cap Tourant – first farm in Quebec

Crossing the Atlantic…

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Who’s who in my zoo?

Post 799!

Rosh used that expression in a comment after I wrote this:

Don’t read too many in one day.
Don’t rush into this.
Your head will spin

She wrote back…

I know. It already is. I’ll make sense of it over time. I’ve spent years figuring out who’s who in my zoo.

Comments are most often overlooked which is a shame.

Here are a few gem comments posted lately.

From Richard Lemaire about my posts on the Myers and Chrétien Lemaire…

My ancestor Jean-Baptiste Lemaire married Marie-Madeleine Darche at St. Joseph in Chambly in 1786.

He was born in Besancon, Doubs, Franche Comté circa 1753, son of Joseph or Claude Joseph Lemaire and Jeanne Costille.  Tradition says he was with the French Troops under Rochambeau along with a brother Claude (Marie) Lemaire and uncle Laurent Costille.

Claude returned to France via Barbados. JB and uncle went on to Canada.

I am writing this as I had a researcher insists JB was Chretien’s son. I know there were two JBs in Chambly at this time.

Thanks for reading.


From Aquila about my post on Find a Grave…

I have to agree with what he wrote, Pierre. I was preparing the memorial for a family member and when I went to add it to Find a Grave discovered that someone else had already entered a memorial but with no real information. I asked if they would transfer the memorial to me and was told no, it would reduce their collection of memorials. I would rather see the control of the memorials on Find a Grave in the hands of family members rather than collectors. It was a painful and sad realization that my family member was no longer mine in death and that their memorial was a just a way of counting coup and had no other meaning for the person in control of it.

As a footnote to this 799th post…

My father was born on August 31st, 1927.

He would have been 87 today and be a great-grandfather for a fourth time.

Instead he had decided to leave this Earth completely broken by life at 69 on August 27th, 1995.

Léo Lagacé Junior Repos St-François d'Assise

August 27th, 1995. That’s the last time I saw him even if he was too ashamed to see his three loving children before he left this Earth.

Around 11 PM he turned towards me and this broken-hearted little child found inner peace.

leo lagace 1931