Have you ever felt being abandoned by someone?


This was to be posted tomorrow, but Patricia wrote me she can’t wait to read it…

Full speed ahead!


This is how I came about to write this blog and the reason I can’t stop writing for fear of abandoning you.

I have always felt that I was abandoned by my father, and I wanted to know why.

Patricia had the answer all along.

I started my journey back in July 2007 without knowing I was searching my ancestors for this reason, and I started writing about it in September 2009. I never wrote that much about my father on this blog as I wanted not to be disrespectful. That’s the lesson my father taught me in life even if life had taught him otherwise.

Patricia told me she had a wonderful father.

Francis Joseph Malloy

Francis Joseph Malloy

I wondered how Patricia felt with all the information I have been feeding her. I could feel it when she shared her feelings in this message. She told me I could post it.


I almost cannot explain the feelings I have surrounding this discovery.  My entire life, as long as I can remember anyway, has been spent in awe of this wonderful man who came from nothing and had no one.  His attitude toward life and love was something we could all benefit from.  I have always wanted to understand how someone could put a little boy in an orphanage and never see him again. The “whys” of it continue to haunt me.When he died, I promised myself I would try to find out his story and until now had hit brick walls.  I feel grateful to you and others who continued to pursue your searches and are kind enough to share.  I am grateful for Ancestry’s DNA match. Who knew I was 47% Irish.  I suspected daddy’s father might have come from Ireland based on our family name but had not been able to prove it.  I get almost giddy with the search. There is something new to discover at every turn and even small bits of information excite me.

Feelings:  excitement, gratitude, love, wonderment, surprise, thanksgiving and so much more.

It makes me want to jump on a plane and spend time in Quebec again to walk where they did and to meet these cousins I didn’t know I had.  Coming from such a small family, connections seem more important to me than ever.  Even if it is 3rd cousins.  Perhaps at 68 I am getting more conscious of time constraints. 
Thank you,


My father died on August 27, 1995.

So you want to be famous don’t you?

Then you just have to write me and I will make you famous on my blog just like I did with Dennis Lagasse.

Dennis Lagasse II

Dennis Lagasse aka Stanislas Lagacé II

Denis Lagasser was just an old man in the 1920 U.S census. 77, a carpenter… a jober. He was living on Lake Street on the corner of Dewey.

His son Dennis Lagassey was living next door.

Close-knit family!

1920 Denis Lagasser

You know all about Dennis Lagasse II and his son Dennis Lagasse III don’t you?

East Bristol 1916

Denis Lagasser (Dennis Lagasse II) was the brother of Philomène Lagasse.

Philomène Lagacé

1913 Philomene Lagasse

Philomène is also the old lady sitting with her two daughters Agnes and Mary. The young lady is Sylvia Bleau, daughter of Agnes Alexandre and David Bleau. The old lady was probably a widow when this picture was taken since her husband had died in 1914. He would be on pictures taken from that time frame.

Since I have none then…

So the caption about 1913 could be wrong. I have no idea. Dates are important but not that much unless you have them. People are.

I go crazy about people and old pictures.

This is why I got all excited when Patricia wrote last month and then later got all excited about what she had found on her new found extended family.

This is also why all this excitement lead me to write post 785.

I will see you next Monday.

About this picture

Post 781

Philomène Lagacé and her daughters

This picture might never have seen the light of day if not for the Internet. My distant cousin Joe had it in his collection of old pictures. Joe had a lot of old pictures and most were unknown people to him like these women you see here.

That was back in 2010.

Four years later Patricia can see her great-great-grandmother Philomene Lagasse in the middle.

Post 781, that’s a lot isn’t?

I just hope you don’t think I’m a kook looking for these women’s descendants…

Patricia, I think your great-grandmother Philomene Alexandre is at 2 o’clock.


I have been asking myself that question for a long long time.

Why am I writing so much about our ancestors, yours and mine?

Since 2009?

lagasse-dube-crew-bristol-1918 modification


Why this obsession for going back in time?

Lac du Flambeau

Why all that excitement when I found out lately that I was a proud descendant of Kinogenini, an Ojibwe woman born in Lac du Flambeau around 1750, the daughter of Mentosaky and Pemynany.

Ojibwe woman


Kinogenini, the great-great grandmother of my great-grandfather Stanislas.

Why have you been reading this blog since I don’t know how long?

Sometimes there is no answer… unless you get all excited about what I have just read.



Happy Birthday Stanislas

I don’t know if his descendants will join me, but Stanislas is turning 172 years-old today.

Dennis Lagasse II

9 August 1842 – 5 June 1927

baptism 1842


Born a Leo, he must have been a proud man.

Few readers know that I got interested in astrology when I was turning 18 in the mid sixties.

Astrology was a big thing then and I got curious.

Reading about Capricorns I felt the description did not fit me.

Capricorns were said to be tall and thin.

At around 300 pounds I was not that thin although I was 5 feet 10 inches tall. Anyway I got curious, and when I get curious I tend to get overboard. I started by making my astrology chart using ephemeris.

Lo and behold I had five planets in Capricorn!

Sun, Jupiter, Moon, Mercury and Mars.

I got more curious. My rising sign was Scorpio which makes people curious…

Are you the curious type?

I know Rosh is.

lagasse-dube-crew-bristol-1918 modification

Can you spot Stanislas on this picture?


Found on Astrodienst Website, a quick description of Stanislas’ astral chart.

If born in the morning…

Sun in Leo, Moon in Virgo

You were born with the Sun in Leo and the Moon in Virgo. Internally, Leo has a fiery, ardent, and overpowering psychological makeup. The predominantly Leonian individual is dignified, proud, commanding, powerful, and magnanimous. These qualities are not very well expressed in terms of the personality, because the Moon in Virgo introduces a different influence; it restrains these characteristics, emphasizing your more practical side, such as performing services for others. These qualities conflict with the Leonian, and unless you somehow attempt to harmonize your internal self with your personality role you will be an unhappy person. Notice that though internally you burn with the desire for authority and power, the role of the Virgo is that of service and a subordinate position. The only area in which Virgo and Leo do agree is that Leo gives tremendous clarity and perspective concerning the pride, emotions, and ideas of other people, while Virgo gives an analytical capacity which facilitates deep comprehension. Virgo inhibits the natural traits of a predominantly Leonian individual, causing you to occupy a lower position in life and to be subjected to much snubbing. Others see you as a person who does not want to take the lead in all matters (although you secretly harbor the desire to do just that). You are attentive, careful, and observant. Outwardly, you are pure in love and sexual matters, but inwardly, you have a devouring passion. Try to harmonize the power of Leo with the cleverness of Virgo, and you will have total success, both in material concerns and in your relationships with others.

If born after 12 o’clock

Sun in Leo, Moon in Libra

You were born with the Sun in Leo and the Moon in Libra. This is an excellent combination, which gives you good taste, sociability, and the ability to take on authority when necessary. Your inner psychological nature is proud, dignified, commanding, powerful, and very strong-willed. You have natural leadership and a sense of creativeness. You are generous and faithful and can be trusted. The key words to your individuality or inner life are nobility, clarity, and faithfulness. You are very vital and quick. Inwardly you often feel unappreciated, because you expect from others the same frank treatment which you give to them. You tend to do everything on a rather grand scale. Fortunately, your personality comes under the rulership of the Moon in Libra, which channels these traits and makes them more suited to real life. Others view you essentially as an easy-going person who desires company and who knows how to create a pleasant atmosphere. In love you are very charming and successful but somewhat unstable. You have within you the power and the ability to make the Libran qualities more profound and to soften your innate rougher traits. The result will be a better-integrated being.

August 6th, 2014 – Happy 82th Lionel

I am not going to post the picture of my second cousin Lionel with his son Dennis going over the old family album, but I can tell you Lionel Lagasse has his 82th birthday today. I got a notification from Facebook last week.

Lionel was instrumental in a series of articles I wrote about the Lagasses. He had kept more than 100 old family pictures all those years. His pictures led me to Donna whose mother Doris is seen here holding Donna. Her great-grandmother Amanda Ménard is the woman sitting and her grandmother Odna is on the left.

four generations Amanda Odna Doris Donna

Four generations
Donna’s private collection

Donna is also now an interested reader of this blog and I met her at Joe’s place last year. She has also shared with me what she knew about her mother and her ancestors.

August 6th is a date Donna remembers all too well.

I don’t have to say more.

Robert Ritchie

Donna’s private collection
Robert Ritchie – On eternal patrol since August 6th, 1945

Click here…

If you click on the link, you will find this comment in the comment section.

This is how Donna found me in the first place.

Thank you for this blog.  Odna Ritchie was my grandmother.  My mother Doris was the youngest of her 6 children.  William and Robert were the Uncles I never got to meet.  My mother talked of them often.