Is your name Cayo? Redux

I will repost this article because I wrote it last January. Since I found another distant descendant of Onésime Cadieux who married Stanislas Lagassé in 1840, I think it’s a good idea to refresh your memory about the Cadieux-Cayo connection and do a little editing.

So here goes…

I wonder if I should write about the Cayos? I would hate to confuse people with all my ancestors. I only write this blog to look at pictures of our ancestors. They speak so much when we look at them like this lovely couple.

Myra Alexandre and William Archambeault

William and Myra also appear on this picture with someone else’s ancestors.

wedding Myra Alexandre

I am sure my new found distant cousin enjoys this picture as well as my 3rd cousin Frank Archambault did when he first saw it in 2012.

This being said…

Do you have Cayo ancestors who once lived in Colchester, Vermont in the 1800s? In Massachusetts? In Wisconsin?

Want to know more?

Of course you do… and it’s the reason why I have been writing this blog since 2009.

Strangely enough I found this in my search for my Cadieux ancestors.

The Hayward Republican July 28, 1904

Mr. and Mrs. Anton Cayo celebrated the 50th anniversary of their wedding on Saturday, July 16, at their home. General invitations were issued, and a large number of their old-time friends assembled to wish them much joy and happiness on the occasion. A very interesting evening was spent listening to the reminiscences of their early days in Hayward. Their dwelling house was the first to be built in this city on this side of the river–in 1883.

Mr. and Mrs. Cayo were married in Manitowoc county, this state, July 16, 1854. Here their twelve children were born, ten of whom still are living, namely: Joe V., James, Mrs. CF Searle, Edward, John, William, George, Mrs. Dan McQuarry, Mrs. IC Phillips, Oma. Ira, one of the deceased children, is well-remembered by the people of Hayward.

Mr. Cayo at one time served with AJ Hayward on the county board and took a very active part in the upbuilding of Hayward. He was born March 19, 1927, and is now 77 years old. Mrs. Cayo is 70 years of age. Beyond a doubt, they are the oldest and longest-resident couple in the county.

They were the recipients of many presents, among them a purse of gold coin given them by our citizens.

Refreshments were served, and all wish to see them live to celebrate their 75th anniversary.

The Hayward Republican Nov. 5, 1914

Another Pioneer Called to Rest
Antone Cayo, One of the City’s Earliest Settlers Here Passes Away at Extreme age of 89; Death Comes Peacefully

Closely Connected with City’s Early History

Again we are called upon to chronicle the deah of an early settler. This time it is Antone Cayo, one of the earliest settlers in Hayward. Death occurred Saturday evening at 12:30. He had retired on Friday evening and did not wake up except for a few moments on Saturday. he was in no pain and died very peacefully, infirmities incident to old age being the cause of his death. At his bedside at the time were his wife, son Oma, daughter, Mrs. D. McQuarry, daughter-in-law Mrs. Oma Cayo and son-in-law, I.C. Phillips.

The source of that information is here.

I wonder if I should write about the Cayos and confuse you once again?

You would be surprised to find out where the Cayo name originated from and what you can find on Find A Grave.

Lodell Cayo 1943


Or on Family Search…

Lodell Cayo 1943 death

End of the redux post. Next Monday, another redux post about the Cayos to keep you in the mood.

Looking for your Cayo ancestor?

I know when to stop writing, and I know when to start writing again.

Getting results gets me going.

This being said, let’s get back to this story I had started to write about the Cayos. Some people out there whose name is Cayo can in fact be lost descendants of Pierre Cadieux who died from cholera in 1832.

That should get some attention from my new found 3rd cousin who found more French-Canadian roots in his family tree yesterday.

I think I got his attention one more time…

I will leave you with this and I will get back after I shovel all that snow.

Let’s say by next Monday.


I know when to stop writing…

This is more than just a wedding picture scanned in 2011 by someone whose husband is related to the Alexandre family.

wedding Myra Alexandre

This picture explains why I have been writing that much about our ancestors.

I just want to share what people have been sharing with me since 2009.

The technique I use is quite simple.

I write about your ancestors and someday someone google their names on the Internet like Todd McCree could do one day about Frank Lagasse whose name is Frank E. La Gase on the headstone he posted on Find A Grave.

Francis E La Gase

I wrote Todd on Find A Grave. I also wrote him a personal message last week.Yesterday I wrote him on his Facebook page.

To be continued…?

unidentified couple

But I know when to stop writing.

You can contact me using this contact form.

Find A Blog?

You don’t need Find A Blog about genealogy, but you sure need Find A Grave.

Find a Grave
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You need this blog though to find your ancestors if you have French-Canadian roots and if you have them also in Bristol, Connecticut.

Looking for William Archambault’s best man?

Myra Alexandre and William Archambeault

Then look no further.

Someone posted this on Find A Grave and I wrote him a message…

He has to be related!

To be continued?

wedding Myra Alexandre

Sorry not related… Yes of course you can use any photos I post

This is the headstone I added a link to yesterday.

Jacob N Elsensohn

I wrote back and thanked Sue and Rich.

About the Elsensohn family,

I have found descendants. I have a blog about genealogy.

I posted this today.

I did not post your photos, just added a link to them since I did not have permission.

Thanks for posting these on Find A Grave. It has helped me a lot in my search for these ancestors.

I will write an update later on my blog giving you credit for your photos.

Best regards


Love Story

Just a lovely comment by Carol Valentine…

By the way, many of my direct grand-parents lived in the Acadian House.  Anastasie Hebert who married John Smith; also Landrys, LeBlancs, and several others.  

Pierre, if you follow Julienne Lareau back on my family tree, you will see quite a lot of information under John Smith/Anastasie Hebert.  

Now here’s the part I find quite ironic-my father Robert I. Valentine (1926-1996) grew up in Bristol, CT, but knew next to nothing of his French-Canadian heritage (apart from speaking French with his relatives), yet somehow he decided to move away from Bristol, and raise his family within walking distance of the Acadian House in Guilford, which I would often walk by when I was a girl.  

And, compounding the irony, the descendants of those same families, who had spent 17 years in forced exile in Connecticut, would one hundred years’ later immigrate back to Connecticut to settle in Bristol!  

I have often wondered about the experiences of these folks.  Two of the French women in Guilford married two of the Smith Brothers, who were steadfast puritan sons of the New Haven Colony’s founding fathers, and yet somehow these fine French women managed to drag their Puritan husbands back to Canada with them just as soon as they were able to go, and then quickly converted their mates into Roman Catholics!   

Strange tales-Strange trails!  

-Carol Valentine

If you write it, they will come

Post No. 644

Who is his or her right mind you read all the posts on this blog? Who would write that much on our ancestors, yours and mine?

I really wanted to ease up a bit and write once a week on Mondays in 2014, but Chris got excited and then Carol Valentine found my blog.

I wrote Carol earlier this week and I invited her on Ancestry to view my family tree. Carol wrote back yesterday and she accepted my invitation.

When you write, I always take the time to help you find your lost ancestors. I also invite you on my family tree since it’s easier to visualize my research on your ancestors if they are in my database.

I had found something on James Valentine, but Carol told me she had the same information which has not been validated and probably never will.

James Valentine would have been a Scottish soldier for the English Army back in the early 1800s, possibly with the Royal Scots Regiment during the War of 1812 and later married Louise Leclerc in 1817…

They would have had these four children: Charles Horatio, James, Caroline, and Cordelia.

Carol was kind enough to share some pictures she scanned in an old book. This is one of them.

Officers Societe des Artisans Canadienes Francais photo

I know Fran is going to be all excited when she sees it.


Albert Choinière and Alice Alexandre
June 1, 1914


Albert Choinière and Alice Alexandre
with best man Ernest Sorel and bridesmaid Amelia Alexandre

Now what about Eugenie I started to talk about yesterday?

I found Eugenie Elsensohn’s name on Family Search and I got all excited.

Eugenie or Jennie was the daughter of Jacob Elsensohn and Theresa. Both were born in Germany and had emigrated to Illinois.

I found on Family Search that they had at least three children:

    Emile Elsensohn 1889 –

    Eugenie Elsensohn 1891 –

    Sadie Elsensohn 1893 –

Frank Lagasse and Eugenie Elsensohn had these children that I also found on Family Search:

Francis Lagasse     1911 –

Loretta Lagasse     1912 –

Edwin Lagasse     1914 –

Eloise Lagasse     1919 –

If I am writing this 644st post, that’s because this is how I found Dennis Lagassey’s and Amanda Ménard’s children in the first place.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

That’s also how Dennis Lagasse IV found me!

If you write it, they will come

Eddie Lagase

Who’s Eddie Lagase whose name appears on this page Chris Carpenter scanned?

I wish I had a picture of Eddie to show you this morning.

Called to express sympathy 2

Eddie will have to be just a name for now or for eternity since he never married and has no descendants to look for him.

Eddie could be on this picture though, but I have no way to tell.

at the beach

A day at the beach

at the beach 1

A day at the beach take two…

I know who is Levi Lagasse whose name is also found on the page, and I have a picture to show you.


Levi Napoleon Lagasse

This picture was one of the first pictures someone sent me in 2011. He wrote me a message telling me Levi was his grandfather.

I could not believe it at first.

I knew Levi was Amanda Menard’s  (in the red circle) and Dennis Lagassey’s son (Dennis is the last man on the right).

Amanda Ménard

part of a family picture…

I have so many pictures now thanks to Levi’s grandson Dennis.

More than 100 to share with everyone!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Some people on some of these pictures might be Maynards. Maybe I will find out someday…

So who is this Eddie Lagase whose just a name on a page in a condolences book scanned by Chris Carpenter?

He is the brother of Frank Lagasse, the best man’s seen on this wedding picture scanned by Robin who lives on the West Coast and who is not even directly related to me. She also scanned more than 100 pictures for me so I could share them on this blog.

wedding Myra Alexandre

I don’t think Eddie Lagase ever married, but his brother Frank Lagasse did.

Thanks to Chris’ excitement, I got curious and I started searching for more information on Frank Lagasse who was this couple’s first son.

unidentified couple

Sophie Archambault and Frank Lagasse Senior

Frank Lagasse or Lagase married Eugenie (Jennie) Elsensohn born around 1891.

That I did not know until I got curious.


Remember what someone said on this blog…

If you write, they will come.

Wilfred E. Maynard

I have learned my lesson about posting headstones without asking permission first, although I believe I had written the person who had first posted the headstone on Find A Grave in the first place.

Well that’s water under the bridge and I won’t post anymore headstones without asking first.

You can click here.

I have permission to post this picture of Wilfred Maynard which is part of Chris’ collection of old pictures.

Wilfred Eugene Maynard

This picture sheds new light on this comment made by Chris last week.


This is so exciting!  I ran and got my grandfather (Wilfred’s Maynard) Memorial book when I saw your posting.  My grandfather died on March 12, 1955 at the age of sixty-six years, two months and twenty eight days.

His living siblings were Ernest, Adlord, Edward, Philip & Mrs. Alphonse Gosselin (Rose). Delphis and Albert were not listed.

Visitors of interest to this blog include Mr. & Mrs. Hector LaMothe, Mr. & Mrs. Charles Maynard, Mr. & Mrs. Victor LaGasse, Levi Lagasse, Ernest Maynard, Mr. & Mrs. A.F. Maynard, Philip C. Maynard, Cora Maynard, Eddie Lagase, Mr. & Mrs. Gene Maynard, Edward L. Maynard, Doris Maynard.

I’ll scan and post the pages as it places relatives in and around Bristol CT at this time.  I may have missed some names that might be important to others.  I do believe I have a picture of Cora’s gravestone.  I’ll post it as soon as I can locate it.

Of course I am not Albert, and Chris also knows this.

I wonder how many people know that my mother tongue is French and it’s mostly the language I use.

As a footnote to all this… These are all the documents Chris sent me on Wilfred.

These are a few pages of the book of condolences at the funeral home.


Called to express sympathy 2

Called to express sympathy 3

Called to express sympathy

This is a copy of Wilfred’s birth certificate that Chris had in her collection.


 I thought it would be nice to add the original that is dated December 15, 1887.

naissance Wilfred Maynard 14 décembre 1887

naissance Wilfred Maynard 14 décembre 1887 zoom

Elmer J. Maynard

Elmer was just a name in my family tree in 2010.

Elmer Maynard File

I knew he was Cora Lagasse’s only child.

Cora Lagasse was the daughter of Sophie Archambault and Frank Lagasse who were an unidentified couple in 2012 before I met Frank Archambault who had this picture.

unidentified couple

Now Elmer has become much more than just a name thanks to these pictures and documents Chris sent me this week.

He was the son of Albert J. Maynard…

Albert J Menard

…and Cora Lagasse seen on the left with her brother-in-law Ernest Maynard and his wife Amy Elizabeth Gibson.

Cora Lagasse Ernie Maynard and wife Amy Gibson

Chris had this…

Elmer J Maynard obituary

Elmer was a pilot in the U.S. Navy!

I will have to know more since my passion is more the history of aviation in WWII than genealogy!

Cora had three children, but only one survived.

Elmer Joseph Maynard

Someone has to remember Elmer…