Looking for your Cayo ancestor?

I know when to stop writing, and I know when to start writing again.

Getting results gets me going.

This being said, let’s get back to this story I had started to write about the Cayos. Some people out there whose name is Cayo can in fact be lost descendants of Pierre Cadieux who died from cholera in 1832.

That should get some attention from my new found 3rd cousin who found more French-Canadian roots in his family tree yesterday.

I think I got his attention one more time…

I will leave you with this and I will get back after I shovel all that snow.

Let’s say by next Monday.


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8 thoughts on “Looking for your Cayo ancestor?

  1. Bonjour Pierre Lagacé. J’aimerais communiquer avec vous dans le cadre d’un projet doctoral à l’Université Laval. Pourriez-vous me répondre en privé? Merci!

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